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January is the perfect time to have a Christmas Party or Masquerade Ball Party

Thinking of getting lots of compliments?

Take a look at these ideas:

Noelle Movie Inspired Green Skater Dress
Green Christmas Dress Inspired by Noelle Disney Movie.

Noelle Movie Inspired Red Skater Dress 
Mexican Style
Mexico Skater Dress, Vestido de Patinadora

Design Inspired by Noelle Disney Movie. 
Dress to impress with this sleeveless skater dress!
The soft fabric and flared skirt give it an elegant twist that brings out the intricate design with a beautiful vibrancy.

• 82% polyester, 18% spandex
• Smooth and elastic fabric
• Mid-thigh length flared skirt
• Elastic waistline
• Overlock seams, coverstitch hemline

USA,Mexico & Latvia Fulfillment


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